Sunday, June 13, 2010

SAS Lausanne in Terrific

This year team SAS Lausanne again participated in Terrific race (Crans Montana)

Terrific is a popular race that takes place on the 2nd weekend of June in Crans Montana. It is a relay that consists of 7 disciplines: mountain bike, mountain running, ski touring, cross country ski, swimming in the lake, road bike and cross country running.

Here is our team members:
1. Butcher Mark (mountain bike, EPFL alumni)
2. Buergler Jonas (mountain running, PhD ETHZ)
3. Galdos Gorka (ski touring, PhD EPFL)
4. Bogdanov Evgeny (cross country ski, PhD EPFL)
5. Comas Joana Maria (swimming, PhD EPFL)
6. Pardyjak Eric (road bike, visiting professor EPFL)
7. Thompson Sean (cross country run, exchange student EPFL)

Mark opened the race with mountain bike and climbed up from Crans Montana around 7.5km (with 710m vertically). Then he passed relay to Jonas who had to run around 6km up (instead of 4.5km and 240m up, the running track was changed this year). After Jonas, Gorka went up 650 meters on ski touring (the initial part of a track lacked snow this year, so he had to walk fast with skis on his shoulders for around 15-20 minutes). Gorka passed relay to Evgeny who made a hard cross-country ski loop on the glacier (la Plaine-Morte). Then Evgeny passed back the relay go Gorka, Gorka then to Jonas and Jonas to Mark. This way our relay went down from the glacier back to Crans Montana, where Joana swam in the cold mountain lake (10-14 degrees) for 600 meters. Afterwards, Eric took the relay and went on the road bike for 19.5km with 560 meters positive. Sean finished the relay after Eric with 7km running and 120 meters positive difference in altitude.

Our team ranked 13th in overall rating out of 101 finished teams and 8th in our category (our time is 4:52.17,6 with 1h09 from the first place against last year's 5:19.27,7 and 39th).

Below is a general classification:
And here is the detailed classification with timing for every stage:

Thanks a lot to everybody!!!
Special thanks to our support team: Arostegui Saioa!