Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Season wrap-up!

After I came back to Lausanne from Czech republic (after three very sucessful weeks for me!),
I got sick and had to stay in bed for a week. The form was lost and I could not recover and get back in shape again ... Unfortunately, had to skip two of Swiss Loppet races :(

First race I did after week of lying in bed was U-Games. After first two hills of 15km race I understood
that racing part was finished for me and I had only to slowly go till the end. Worst race of the season!

The next race (MARA) was kind of ok if we skip the part about my skis gliding. They just did not glide at all and in addition I had no kick in the uphills. Now after analysis of all my races I can say for sure that my klister classic skis ARE bad. All races of the season when the snow was wet, they just did not glide at all (starting from last Czech Republic race, U-Games, Mara, Glieres, SM) - I should definitely get rid of them). So I finished 4th in MARA but was unsatisfied by my performance, especially after very good classic race at Transjurasiennes (42km as in MARA).

Engadin was good. Despite the fact that I was late to the start (as usuall :)), I liked the race and I managed to push hard in the end to the 76 rank (last year it was 80, slowly improving!!).

Next two races are in France: Marathon des Glieres (classic 22km and skating 30km). Classic part was just awful. I have no clue why (skis were bad but not only them): still lost 8minutes on 22km!!!
Skating was better but not too much. 6 minutes to the first. Though in the beginning somebody fell in front of me and I did broke the pole while flying over him.

Swiss championship! Sprint, 50km classic and relay 3x10km (skating).
Sprint - fell in prolog on downhill, no chance to go further.

50km classic - well, it is a special talk! It is a tough race, tough wet conditions, hot weather, bad glide but at least good kick! Despite all preparations and food from our support team, I had first cramps after 35km. My triceps were hurting. Next was my latissimus muscles.  I was still able to go normally, just changed the technique a little bit to move the load from painful muscles. 5km before the finish I started to have cramps in my abdominal muscles and that was it! I could not push, I had to keep my body straight and push somehow with arms. Last uphill I got cramps in my legs as well. What a day! After finish I was standing for several minutes trying to stretch my painful body. My poles were lying on the snow and I could not get them, because I could not bend forward (had to ask for help :)). 2h42min (lost 26 minutes!!! to Dario)

I thought I am completely out of shape! However, next day was relay (3x10km) and I actually showed very good time. Had 4th time among second stage guys, lost 2min to the best guys on 10km, which not bad for me.

That's it! Ski season is officially closed for me! Two weeks of relaxation and start training again with all lessons learned!