Thursday, December 15, 2011

First victory in Realp (13.5km classic)

Good news. Got my first trophée this winter!

Fabian invited me to participate in a classic race in Realp (not far from Andermatt). 13.5km, individual start. So we stayed in Goms for a weekend. To profit from the snow closeness, we went to train on saturday. Two trainings of overall 3 hours with some short accelerations. Well, I should say I felt super good that day. I felt that I can be strong next day and I was.

My Atomic skis were perfect and very fast. I felt good and was able to push hard.
As a result - the win. And the super prize: decorated cow bell.

Well, I have to return the cowbell in one year, but if I manage to win the race 3 times I can keep it :)
We'll see how it goes.

Results are here

Here are some stats from the race

I (number 183) pass by 178

Fabian on the track
Milk me pleaaase!

On the podium, I - first, Fabian - second

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Ski season opening in Bessans, France

Lack of snow everywhere was a bit depressing. Well, we were able to ski on the glacier several times, but it is still a glacier. We even went to the north of Finland in november to ski. But in generally rich on snow Levi the snow was missing. The whole week we had to drive for 1 hour to Muonio to ski on 2.5km artificial snow track with hundreds of other hungry-for-snow people. And running as a second training. Well, at least there was finnish sauna every day :)

Back in Lausanne, the snow was problematic. Last year I started to skin on 15th of november, two years before on 7th of november. Today is 7th of december and I still haven't skied. Well happy news, snow finally arrived and I will go skiing today :)

The FIS race in Goms was cancelled last weekend because of the snow absense. So I quickly decided to go to Bessans in France for season opening.

The classic race on saturday (10km, individual start, 4x2.5km) went very well for me. I was overall 26th with 2min20 from the best french skier Maurice Manificat (the winner). There were no snow in Bessans and we skied on the track with artificial snow. I was in general satisfied with the race though I had some problems with the kick on the uphills, but since the track was quite flat it did not matter that much.

Second day (15km, individual start, 6x2.5km) was frankly a disaster. I tried both warm pairs and decided to go on the new one. To my disappointment the guys from behind (who are approximately the same level as me) passed me by before even the first uphill on the first lap. My skis did not glide at all comparing to them, I could not stay with them even for few seconds. As a result more than 6 minutes behind from the winner and only 48th.

Well, at the end I am quite happy. Was my first race in Bessans and I liked it. The season is started. Snow came now. Motivation is back again. Let's rock this world!!!

10 km, classic race