Sunday, February 12, 2012

Crazy WE: Transju (50km classic) + Einsiedeln (42km skating)

It was a hard weekend.

La Transjurasienne (50km classic) was planned to be hard but it was even worse because of weather conditions: -12 and strong wind to the face at the start. Track is covered with snow brought by the wind. I put wind protection everywhere, so it was kind of OK. It was slow, my time was 2h45min54. Lost 3 minutes to the winner. After the first long uphill I had a crumb in my stomach muscles so I had to stop completely for a minute or so. But then I managed to get back to the big leading group and then we went all together until the second and final long uphill.

I put Toko LF -10 and below on my skis and it did not glide very well. I think I should've used powder or maybe I put too much kick wax :). The attack on the last uphill broke the group of 16 people. I was 12th on the uphill. Then we had around 13-15 km to go. I had crumbs in my biceps, but it started to get better and I even passed two guys 5km before the end and crossed the finish line with 10th result. Not bad after all.

My race stats

Einsiedeln Swissloppet (42km skating).
Just right after Transju I went to Einsiedeln and next day did a race there. First, I put only Toko LF-10 on my cold skis and it was -14 the snow temperature. I tried the cold skis and it did not glide well (they needed powder). So I decided to run on warm skis that had toko hf+powder (-4-0). Wasn't the best choice but that's all I had. On downhills I was loosing to the other guys :(. During the race I felt that I did Transju before, I felt tired: even though my heart rate did not go high, I could not accelerate, my biceps were not that powerful ... By the end of 21km (first lap), we were 5 people in the pack and went like this till the end. On the downhill close to the finish the four guys went away and I thought the race was finished for me. But then I manage to get back to them and the strong acceleration on the last 1.5km gave me the third place in the race. Could not be happier :)

My race stats
Photoes (my number is 80)

Funny picture: several minutes after the start, but the finishing time is exactly in the same order for the top 5