Thursday, December 15, 2011

First victory in Realp (13.5km classic)

Good news. Got my first trophée this winter!

Fabian invited me to participate in a classic race in Realp (not far from Andermatt). 13.5km, individual start. So we stayed in Goms for a weekend. To profit from the snow closeness, we went to train on saturday. Two trainings of overall 3 hours with some short accelerations. Well, I should say I felt super good that day. I felt that I can be strong next day and I was.

My Atomic skis were perfect and very fast. I felt good and was able to push hard.
As a result - the win. And the super prize: decorated cow bell.

Well, I have to return the cowbell in one year, but if I manage to win the race 3 times I can keep it :)
We'll see how it goes.

Results are here

Here are some stats from the race

I (number 183) pass by 178

Fabian on the track
Milk me pleaaase!

On the podium, I - first, Fabian - second

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Ski season opening in Bessans, France

Lack of snow everywhere was a bit depressing. Well, we were able to ski on the glacier several times, but it is still a glacier. We even went to the north of Finland in november to ski. But in generally rich on snow Levi the snow was missing. The whole week we had to drive for 1 hour to Muonio to ski on 2.5km artificial snow track with hundreds of other hungry-for-snow people. And running as a second training. Well, at least there was finnish sauna every day :)

Back in Lausanne, the snow was problematic. Last year I started to skin on 15th of november, two years before on 7th of november. Today is 7th of december and I still haven't skied. Well happy news, snow finally arrived and I will go skiing today :)

The FIS race in Goms was cancelled last weekend because of the snow absense. So I quickly decided to go to Bessans in France for season opening.

The classic race on saturday (10km, individual start, 4x2.5km) went very well for me. I was overall 26th with 2min20 from the best french skier Maurice Manificat (the winner). There were no snow in Bessans and we skied on the track with artificial snow. I was in general satisfied with the race though I had some problems with the kick on the uphills, but since the track was quite flat it did not matter that much.

Second day (15km, individual start, 6x2.5km) was frankly a disaster. I tried both warm pairs and decided to go on the new one. To my disappointment the guys from behind (who are approximately the same level as me) passed me by before even the first uphill on the first lap. My skis did not glide at all comparing to them, I could not stay with them even for few seconds. As a result more than 6 minutes behind from the winner and only 48th.

Well, at the end I am quite happy. Was my first race in Bessans and I liked it. The season is started. Snow came now. Motivation is back again. Let's rock this world!!!

10 km, classic race

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Announcement: prépare sa saison!

Malgré le temps magnifique ces jours-ci, on commence déjà a penser aux premiers flocons. est une carte en ligne qui présente les tracés de plus de 17'000km de pistes de ski de fond dans le monde entier. Il s'agit des pistes de ski présentes dans le projet OpenStreetMap.
Les possibilités offertes par
En plus des données des pistes (couleur de balisage, difficulté, type de damage), vous pouvez sur le site tracer le profil d'élévation d'un parcours librement défini.
Les propriétaires de sites disposant d'informations sur l'état des pistes peuvent également y faire figurer un lien localisé sur les tracés concernés, et disponible via le menu 'INFO-NEIGE'.

Comment ça marche
Une video sur YouTube vous présente les principales fonctionnalités.

Le but
17'000 km, c'est déjà pas mal, mais toutes les pistes que vous connaissez ne sont probablement pas toutes sur la carte. Le but de ce site est aussi de donner envie aux skieurs à collaborer à OpenStreetMap afin de la compléter. N'hésitez-pas à cliquer sur le menu 'MODIFIER LA CARTE' pour en savoir plus.

Amicalement,Yves CAINAUD

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Rollerski: French championship and World cup

Will talk about two races I did recently.

First, French Championship (weekend - 27-28 of august).
French championship in rollerski took place in Besse (Super-Besse) in France of course :) Where one of the Tour de France stages was finished this year!

Two days, first day prolog - 3 km on rather difficult track, with the flat part against very strong wind. It was very hard for me. I don't know what happened, but I felt very bad after the race and during the race the last uphill was very hard and I felt I lost a lot of time there. In any case I lost around 42 seconds to the first and finished 25th with time 6:41.

Next day we had an uphill pursuit race. Since I lost 42 seconds to the first, I had to go in 42 seconds after the start of the first person. The start went fast. I went with number 24 (I had 25), we did not manage to get to the guys in front of us (though should do it). Thus we went together. The uphill in the beginning was quite easy: it was still an uphill but not too steep. Then a guy from behind joined us and we went together for some time. In the middle of the race we had 1-2 km of rather flat area. Two other two people reached us and we went 5 together on the flat. The group in front was in around one minute distance from us. They all got together (around 20 people).

Then we had a 1.5km of 11% uphill. The groups started to break. I went forward in our group and pulled a bit. I and number 24 (with me in front) managed to separate from the other 3 guys. Bug a young one (number 40) reached us and at the end of the uphill we were 3. Group in front was also stretched. We saw its end not far from us. After the finish of the uphill we had some flat area and then two other small uphills and finish. Number 40 went away from us. Number 24 sped up at the top of the second to the last uphill and managed to get some distance from me. We finished the same way, he was half a second in front of me. In general the second races went quite ok for me.


World Cup took place in Germany (2-4 september) - Markkleeberg.
Strange name for Germany :)

Prolog (7.5km on Friday), Sprint on Satuday and Pursuit on Sunday.

Prolog I did very well. It was a time-trial and I was 7th overall, 16 seconds away from the best - russian Alexander Denisov. I was better than the current world cup winner and other strong rollerskiers. Honestly, I was very happy! It's probably my best rollerski race in the world cup up untill now. Third among russians, even brought points to russian national team.

Sprint as usually not my strength. I finished 17th, just after qualification and two russians just after me. Actually, we were happy. We didn't have to wait for 1.5 hours under the very strong sun and went to hotel to recover before the next Sunday's race :) Though I got a very nice comment that visually I went very good but did not work enough with my legs (it was un uphill sprint).

Next day we had the Pursuit based on results of the Prolog of Friday. I started 16 seconds after the russian winner. We had 5 laps to go with a rather "good" uphill, downhill and some flat area. On the first lap after the uphill I and a person just behind me (very strong sprinter in rollerski from France) joined the group in front. We were 8 people and we went quite fast the guys behind us were left far behind. Then we started to play "cats and mice", nobody wanted to go forward, we slowed down and guys from behind (4-5 people) started to come closer. On the last lap they went very close. Unfortunately for me, my pole was broken in the middle of the uphill, and untill the end of the uphill I had to go with one pole.
My group made an acceleration and everybody from the pursuers could not keep up, since they were very tired trying to reach us. So everybody from my group went forward, but our pursuers still passed me by well enough, so that I couldn't get back to them once I got my pole. So I was 12ths, but could be for sure in the first 8 (I felt very good before my pole was broken) and even fight for higher positions. Well, shit happens. At least now I have a lot of confidence in myself and I still have my 7th place in prolog.

Next race is next weekend: Transroller (uphill race and 25km masstart).


Monday, July 11, 2011

Engadin RadMarathon 2011 (Cycling)

Well, simply said - it was a challenge!

My first ever road bike race. A lot of cross-country skiing, running, swimming, even one mountain bike race ... but never road cycling.

Total distance - 211km
Total elevation - 3827m
Total time - 7h 01min 30,8seconds
Total rang - 50th
Average speed - 30km/h

My friend Valentin persuaded me to do it this year and I fell for it. It was worth doing! After the skiing season was finished I built my training plan specifically for this race.

Did my first intervals on road bike! I was afraid of climbing, so started to work on it. Went to Col de Mosses from Lausanne (1028m climb, around 5.5%), went around Geneva lake on average 35km/h (flat but 180km, took 5h05). Many times Col de Marchairuz (700m climb), almost every week Col de Mollendruz. During 5 days of job travel to Crete, cycled 4 days like in the training camp.

Actually was kind of prepared, but it was still long race. Could not even estimate how much time it'll take, so put around 8h when was registering. The best guys are around 6h20-30 minutes normally.

Hehe, even washed my bike completely :) And went to get some fun. We met with Valentin in Zernez, ate some pasta and went to the hotel. I guess Valya was sick of all my questions: how this, how that ... Well, it's his third time, I should get some experience beforehand :)

The full race profile is here.

Got up in the morning at 4:45, had a big breakfast and to the race start. 7:00. Start was quite sluggish. If we take Engadin ski marathon, everybody starts like crazy, but on a bike - people went slowly: it was real fun. First climb (just in the beginning is around 400m). I pushed quite hard - the plan was to get to the strong people and stay with them on the following flat area around Livigno. The plan was generally quite successful. Passed by a lot of people on the uphil. On the downhill I went with quite strong guys, then the other guys from behind caught us and we developed a huge peloton. I felt like in Tour de France. We went on flat on average 45-50km/h.

I actually thought before that it is very uncomfortable to go very close in the peloton, but it was nice experience. It is much harder in rollerski races ...

On the next after Livigno Forcola pass I was not satisfied with the speed of the guys in our peloton. Few guys left peloton even before. I can feel very well my speed during climbing (mainly due to Marcharuz climbs), so I just went forward and went with my own pace which turned out to be quite fast. On the second 2328m Bernina pass, I overtook a lot! of people. Actually I was impressed how good I felt on climbs (that was the thing I was afraid of). On the downhill we went with another racer and we got to one more in few seconds.

Then on flat we went three of us changing from time-to-time. There was a peloton behind again, we decided to slow down and way for them. In peloton we went again 45-50km/h, so it was a good decision to wait. Actually, now, after some analysis, I understand that I should have started at least in line 1 instead of two and work very hard on the first uphill to stay with much stronger guys, stay in peloton with them in Livigno and do the best to stay close to them at Forcola/Bernina passes and then get back to  Zernez with them. It could've been much faster. Anyway, we reached Zernez and went to the second, much harder part.

I again felt very well on Fluelapass and peloton stayed behind. I took over some guys. Was a nice feeling climbing. On the top of Fluelapass I gave two bottles (water for bottle with powder) and cola (for empty by now bottle) - I had only one bottle filled with a drink at start. Downhill from Fuelapass was a bit unfortunate for me. Was tired, decided to have a nap :) It was fast and on one very sharp turn I felt that my rear wheel started to glide, I managed to handle this situation. However, in few turns it happened again and I fell from my bike. Seems as the first hit went on the head and then I landed with my shoulder and my pelvis. Today I feel very well these parts and my neck hurts. ALWAYS WEAR HELMET. It might have saved my life. The helmet is broken and I already bought a new one (race was yesterday!).

Anyway, the race continued. On the straight downhill my speed was 78km/h, my personal record! By Davos I was alone, nobody in front/nobody behind. I was a bit confused, thought that I might go wrong way somewhere. Then a small peloton reached me and I went with them. The weather in the beginning of the race was very good, then it started to rain, we went in rails and I was a bit afraid on the slippery downhill, but it was ok.

Afterwards, there was a long climb to Albulapass with small flat area after 1/3. The sun started to shine again. I felt good. Objectively the speed was slower than previous climbs but I felt good. Some food to add to my pockets and cola into the bottle. I ran out of power-gels by then. On the downhill I felt a bit scary and there was a small gap between me and 3 people in front. Then just before the final flat road to Zernez I was blocked a bit by a truck and the gap turned into 100m. I was pushing 50km/h but the gap was only increasing, I had to slow down. Too bad ... Then I noticed a guy not far behind. I waited for him and we went together constantly changing. Speed was much faster then when I was alone.

We came together to the finish line. I think I could've beaten him in sprint, but I did not care. I felt as a small team in the last half-an-hour. I did not put any effort into sprint trying to finish in line with him, but lost 0.1 second :)

loved the race, road cycling is cool, very happy with my result!

Full results are here

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Season wrap-up!

After I came back to Lausanne from Czech republic (after three very sucessful weeks for me!),
I got sick and had to stay in bed for a week. The form was lost and I could not recover and get back in shape again ... Unfortunately, had to skip two of Swiss Loppet races :(

First race I did after week of lying in bed was U-Games. After first two hills of 15km race I understood
that racing part was finished for me and I had only to slowly go till the end. Worst race of the season!

The next race (MARA) was kind of ok if we skip the part about my skis gliding. They just did not glide at all and in addition I had no kick in the uphills. Now after analysis of all my races I can say for sure that my klister classic skis ARE bad. All races of the season when the snow was wet, they just did not glide at all (starting from last Czech Republic race, U-Games, Mara, Glieres, SM) - I should definitely get rid of them). So I finished 4th in MARA but was unsatisfied by my performance, especially after very good classic race at Transjurasiennes (42km as in MARA).

Engadin was good. Despite the fact that I was late to the start (as usuall :)), I liked the race and I managed to push hard in the end to the 76 rank (last year it was 80, slowly improving!!).

Next two races are in France: Marathon des Glieres (classic 22km and skating 30km). Classic part was just awful. I have no clue why (skis were bad but not only them): still lost 8minutes on 22km!!!
Skating was better but not too much. 6 minutes to the first. Though in the beginning somebody fell in front of me and I did broke the pole while flying over him.

Swiss championship! Sprint, 50km classic and relay 3x10km (skating).
Sprint - fell in prolog on downhill, no chance to go further.

50km classic - well, it is a special talk! It is a tough race, tough wet conditions, hot weather, bad glide but at least good kick! Despite all preparations and food from our support team, I had first cramps after 35km. My triceps were hurting. Next was my latissimus muscles.  I was still able to go normally, just changed the technique a little bit to move the load from painful muscles. 5km before the finish I started to have cramps in my abdominal muscles and that was it! I could not push, I had to keep my body straight and push somehow with arms. Last uphill I got cramps in my legs as well. What a day! After finish I was standing for several minutes trying to stretch my painful body. My poles were lying on the snow and I could not get them, because I could not bend forward (had to ask for help :)). 2h42min (lost 26 minutes!!! to Dario)

I thought I am completely out of shape! However, next day was relay (3x10km) and I actually showed very good time. Had 4th time among second stage guys, lost 2min to the best guys on 10km, which not bad for me.

That's it! Ski season is officially closed for me! Two weeks of relaxation and start training again with all lessons learned!


Saturday, February 19, 2011

Transju, Swissloppet and Czech University Championship

Last week was full of cross country ski races. Actually, there were 4 in six days :)

Transjurasienne 2011

It all started with Transjurasienne classic race. Normally it was supposed
to be 50km race, but because of the lack of snow it was shortened to 42 km.
Well, the snow conditions were indeed very bad. I saw the guys bringing snow from different places
to make the race take place. Thanks to organizers, they did an enormous work to make us skiers happy.
At the start and at the finish there was only a white line
on greenish background. Looked like a crazy ski race during summer.

Lately, it is very warm during the day and quite cold during the night.
So snow (if we can call this thing snow) is kind of mix of ice and snow.
I put swix ice klister (0, 15) and warm swix klister (2, -7).
Well, the kick was quite good during the whole race, but at the end
of the race it started to be quite bad.
I found out after the race that klister area was shortened in front by 10-15 cm.

The new track was quite tough. It was 1000 meters of vertical elevation.
The race started with 350 meters vertical climb. I should say it was quite difficult,
but it was not too bad. Afterwards, there was some flat area and downhill. I managed to
pass 3-4 guys there. We were going two with another person. On one of the next uphills,
he ran away from me and I was passed by a second person going behind.

After a stupid fall on the small downhill, I was passed by two more people.
So all 3 guys I passed were now in front. I reached them and we went together for quite a while.
12 km before the finish line, I went forward and increased the tempo a little bit. I separated
from the group. Then there was some flat area where I was able to increase the gap. The people
around were shouting that I was 10th. I felt very good. Then few kilometers before the finish
line there was quite a long uphill, that was very hard for me: I was tired and quite
a lot of klister disappeared from my skis. I was passed again by number 3 from following behind group,
the other two guys did not reach me and at the end of this uphill I passed by and ran away from
the guy who ran away from me before. Then flat area: strong double poling. Nobody behind anymore.
Long downhill. Boom!! I fell down again (third time during this race, what a shame!).
This time it was quite a fall: I lost my ski glasses and my left contact lens was torn into two pieces
and one part was gone from the eye. Still guys behind did not catch me till the end.
I was 10th again.

Well, not really! It turned out one person from the bigger pack (not elite line) was faster then me.
Thus, I finally got 11th place with 6.5 minutes from the winner: Stanislav Rezac (it is his third win here in a row).

It was good race for me (except falling down of course). I am very satisfied.
Results can be found here.

Einsiedeln Swissloppet

Back from Transju and I take train to Baar (a place near Zurich where my friend Fabian lives).
This swissloppet race was shortened from 42km to 30km because of the same problem: not enough snow.
2 laps of 15km on quite a flat area. We were going in a big pack almost all the time.
Everything was quite good except that I missed the finish again. I knew that it was coming but I did
not know exactly how much it was left till the end. I was leading the pack and approximately 1 km to
the finish line I let the other guys go and turned out to be around 6-7 in the pack. Then I missed the
final acceleration and was fighting for the 9th place at the sprint, which I lost :)
Well, 11th! The same as at Transjurasienne but with rather disappointment than satisfaction.

Final results are here. 1h07min - very fast for 30km race!

Czech University Championship

Next day we (Fabian and I) left Baar at 4 in the morning targeting Nove Mesto na Morave (in Czech republic).
They have Czech University Championship there and skiers from SAS (swiss university skiers club)
traditionally go there (I was there last year as well). So we picked up Tobias (also from SAS) at Zurich and drove for 9 hours
there to Nove Mesto. Antti drove from Bern later, since he had an exam on Monday morning.

Next day (tuesday) we had a skating race (10km, individual start).
The same story, no snow at all. They had a lap of 3.3km of artificial snow
(probably left from junior championship in biathlon).
I won the race with 25 seconds ahead of a second person. I felt very good
during the race, was pushing hard and was happy to see myself on first line.

On wednesday there was a relay. Antti and Tobias participated together with a czech girl.
Fabian and I did not get a czech girl :(, so we skipped the relay and were cheering them and also
our austrian friends, who came to competitions.

On wednesday evening there was a party. I should say that last year I was very serious about classic
race next day, so I did not party much. But this year I did participate and it was one of the best parties
in the last few years. Sea of czech beer and the final culmination: the crazy discotheque!!!
That was GOOD! Everybody was infected by a virus of friendliness and happiness.
We left around three in the morning and had a classic 20km race next day at 10:45.

Well, that was my first (and hopefully last) race with hangover. I was in zombie state 30 minutes
before the start, then I finally managed to put klister (thanks to Fabian and Antti that were
trying to find a good mix) and went out. The start was ok. I still felt some pain in my head during the
first lap (we had 5x3.75km) but then it disappeared. (Funny, I was laughing at Sean last year
when he was in the same situation ...)

Well, despite my condition I was racing quite well.
The main problem was in skis. They were much slower on downhills than the skis of my concurrents.
I had to always catch with them. I do not know what it was exactly: either too much of klister
or the skis itself (Antti also said that his skis were quite bad), but at some point after downhill the gap was quite big and
I could not catch back to them anymore, even on the flat area where I am normally quite strong.
I was going fourth all the time seeing second and third in around 30-40 seconds in front.
The finish line did not change much.

Well, it was crazy, I know. That's the price I had to pay for the fun I had :) C'est la vie ..

But overall it was a super good trip. Fabian, thanks a lot for organizing it!
I'd be happy to go again next year, but now I am too old ...

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Video from Swiss Championship at les Mosses

Here you can see as well the people mentioned in the previous post :)

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Superb Swiss Championship at Col des Mosses

The weekend of 5/6 February we went to Col des Mosses for Swiss Championship in cross country skiing.

First of all, all swiss national team (four guys that won World Cup relay in La Clusaz this year: Dario Cologna, Curdin Perl, Remo Fischer and Toni Livers ) was present on Saturday, that was extremely cool, since we had a possibility to check our forces against them. Moreover, Dario Cologna is the olympic champion of last year and the best cross country skier in the world at the moment, so it was even cooler :)

And it was cool!

Saturday, 5 February, 15 km, time-trial
The hard 2x7.5km. As expected, Dario won the race with big advantage (almost 1 minute faster than second). I lost around 4.5 minutes to Dario. It is still 4.5 minutes, but I am quite satisfied. It's probably my best result at 15km on FIS track. "FIS track" means that there are heavy uphills and it is not at all flat :)

Winner Dario Cologna

In addition, I should say few words about competition itself. First, it was greatly organized. There is no snow anywhere, but at Les Mosses they managed to provide a super good track! I am amazed by their job. Secondly, the weather was superb, cold in the morning but later during the race a lot of sun. That was successfully repeated on Sunday! And last but not the least, I've never been supported by such a big amount of people during the race. It was indeed like a worldcup! It was almost like in La Clusaz World Cup, where we went as spectators and supporters: all the longest uphill had a live shouting fence from people. I heard my name several times on each lap. That was indeed amazing and helpful!

A big big thanks to all organizers and to all people that came to support us!

Saturday's results
My heart rate and elevation during this race

Sunday, 6 February, 10km (classic) + 10km (skating)
Classic part went quite good. I had good kick and my skis were very fast: I often had to pass guys on downhill. Skating skis were not that fast, but it was ok. I even managed to pass one person on skating part. Strangely ... uphill, I am normally not that good on uphill (quite heavy for it :))

Of course, Dario won again (who else?)! I lost 5 minutes to him. Actually, I am very satisfied. Because, first, it was a hard track (not a marathon's one) and second, he is the best skier :))

Winners of Sunday's race

I should say that both days I felt very good. On the uphills I went to fifth zone up to 185.
I was managed to recover properly on downhills, and I did not hit the wall.

Sunday's results
My heart rate and elevation for duathlon

It was a great race, great place and great weekend. I am looking forward to second part of Swiss Championship at Les Mosses (25-27 March).

Vive le ski de fond!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

SAS double at La Classic, 30km

30km, La Classic, time-trial, Les Mosses

I (Evgeny Bogdanov) won the race as last year. Though this year there were more strong guys and the track was not at all flat as last year. Thus, the more valuable the victory is!

Antti Peltonen (from SAS Bern) is second. Fabian Birbaum (from SAS Zürich) is 6th.
Lada Sychova (from SAS Lausanne) is 13th at women's 15km.

Results are here

Some photoes are below

Happy winner

Riding Fabian!

Lada and Fabian

Evgeny, Fabian

My heart rate and race profile

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Campra Swiss Loppet 21km

Went to do Swiss Loppet in Campra.
Campra is a nice cross country ski area in Italien part of Switzerland.

My friend from SAS Zurich Reto shared an appartement with me before the race and gave me a ride to Campra and back to the train station. Thanks a lot, Reto!!! Without you I'd hardly make it to do this race, it is indeed difficult to get there without car.

The snow melted almost everywhere in Switzerland. Some people say it is not because of Global warming, it is natural. Whatever... In any case it is sad when in January you can ski only above 1500 meters.

Campra is about that height.
There was snow of course, but it was quite wet. Rain (and later rain/snow) was falling down.
I tried both my new atomic skis on the track, did not really feel the difference. Tried Reto's fischer.
Seemed as his skis were slightly better. Then Reto offered to put liquid wax on my skis. I agreed,
since was not very happy with the glide.

Race was 21km, 3 laps of 7km. The beginning of race is quite hilly for a Swiss Loppet, and the next 4 km are quite flat. First lap went quite well, my Atomic skis were (!) best on downhill among first 6-7 people. I was much better than guys on Fischer/Rossi/Madshus. I can't say if it was liquid wax that Reto gave me. The conditions were very wet and track was very soft, poles were sinking into snow from time to time. I had toko LF (-4 0) on my skis with no specific structure. In any case I was very satisfied with my skis.

Second lap we started four of us and two-three more guys reached us on the first uphill. On the second and longest uphill Simone Paredi (italien rollerskier) started to accelerate and created a gap. We tried to catch him and I went to red heart rate zone. I should've let them go, but I did not. I was a big mistake. My heart rate went on to 186 (while my anaerobic threshold is 177).
Afterwards there was a small downhill, a bit of flat course and long not steep but still uphill. There it was hard, I hit the wall. It became better on the flat area and by the end of the second lap I was passed by another skier. The third lap went kind of ok. But by the end of this lap two more guys almost caught me. I hardly noticed them, I thought these two guys were fighting with each other. Well it turned out, they were catching me!!! I had to work hard not to allow them to get my 6th place. My leg still was first, but they almost made it.

First mass-start in the season. I definitely overestimated my strengths. Next race will be more carefull :)
6th, 2min31 to the first (Andrea Florinett from SAS Zurich, he is strong!!)
1  Florinett Andrea 1979       53:06.22
2  Paredi Simone 1982          53:07.35 1.13
3  Joller Bruno 1980              53:24.38 18.16
4  Dieter Felix 1972              53:40.95 34.73
5  Grab Pascal 1984               54:40.26 1:34.04
6  Bogdanov Evgeny 1983    55:38.14 2:31.92
7  Bianchi Eugenio 1985       55:38.16 2:31.94
8  Graf Urs 1975                    55:38.91 2:32.69
9  Suter Thomas 1982           57:14.71 4:08.49

Results are here.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

First xc-ski victory in France (trophée du beaufort)

 I won first time a cross country ski race in France!!!

Results are here:

Info is here:

XC-ski camp at Praz de Lys

We are skiing in Praz de Lys (France) for three weeks.

Here is a video from bikini ski:

And here are some photoes:

More photoes are here: